For Patients.

In our new century, patients are looking for a new healthcare paradigm that includes:

  • Preventive – rather than reactive
  • Predictive – able to identify risks in advance and act on them
  • Personalized – as a result of the individualized testing and healthcare management
  • Participatory – involves the patient in decision-making and rehabilitation

Besides supporting biopharmaceutical companies bringing new devices and therapeutic products to the market, Re-G-Nius is always interested in offering innovative medical products that fulfill a need, direct to consumer/patients. Patients who want to have information about today’s therapeutic options within the regenerative field can contact us.

For Companies.

Identify the optimal choice of your company’s strategy

Re-G-Nius identifies the optimal strategy and tactics based on the company’s capabilities, the competition and available resources.

Support national companies in International Markets

Re-G-Nius has extensive experience in guiding new and existing companies in new markets and regions.  The company can work out a distribution network, strategic alliance programs, and co-marketing activities.

Networking is a valuable tool in today’s medical industry.  Start-ups and more mature companies that need to make the next step frequently get stuck due to a geographical location with limited access to a relevant network. We employ its network to build teams with key skill experts such as medical advisors, research and development officers, legislation experts, CROs, sales marketing experts, and management leaders.

Develop a focused and results-driven program for (start-up) companies

Re-G-Nius turns a value proposition into a reality, transforming an idea into a viable business.  For academic founders of new start-ups this often requires a mindset change from achieving scientific perfection” to “pragmatic, results-driven focus on the final product.  We bring a fresh outlook and an unbiased view on the strengths and inevitable weaknesses of the founding team to form a coaching plan tailored to the specific needs of the company.

Identifying key personnel and candidates

Re-G-Nius offers useful contacts and networking to build your dream team.

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