About Re-G-Nius

Our Mission.

To bring dedicated medical products to the market and support small, mid-sized (bio) medical companies in achieving their business goals following the needs of patients.

Our Vision.

We believe regenerative and genetic medicine is at the front side and will bring promising medical solutions to patients. We want to contribute bringing innovative medical solutions to as many patients as possible by bringing those innovative products directly to the market or indirectly by supporting companies bringing their product to (outside) regions/segments.

What we do in a nutshell.

Re-G-Nius provides business, scientific and operational advice as well as hands on support for companies operating within the regenerative and genetic medical market.

Re-G-Nius helps to identify and evaluate new markets to enable business growth.  We provide marketing and sales strategies to enable your company to fulfill its values and reach its goals.

Re-G-Nius supports you by identifying, evaluating and managing third parties for you. We have an extensive European Key Opinion Leader Network, close connection to the European official bodies, knowledge of actual medical legislation.

Re-G-Nius establishes the foundations for building successful Regenerative businesses.

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